The Program

One of the best summer internship opportunities for students – period.  No where else will you find this level of professional training.  Our unique platform allows students to prove their retention of oral and written communication skills, their work ethic, character, mental toughness and much more.

Why Dardis?

The Dardis Academy lays the foundation for a solid future in business.  The program provides executive training from world class instructors, hands on experience for a powerful resume, and an opportunity to earn college credit.  Students not only make great money to help offset school expenses, but they also have a chance to win a trip to Mexico! 

How It Works?

All of our students attend the Dardis Academy and are highly trained professionals before they embark on their summer internship.  From beginning to end, students are immersed in experiential learning.  


Dardis Academy
"Dardis provides a platform where students can gain real life experience through a summer internship program.  Through this program, they gain life-long skills that will ultimately help them get a job after graduation."