The Dardis Academy Program

Welcome to the #1 Professional Training & Business Combine for student-athletes and military graduates.  Through this program, qualified students receive hands-on communication training and introductions to best in class organizations.


A Big Win for

Student-athletes receive practical training, participate in business simulations and grow their professional network.  Athletic departments elevate their programs by leveraging Dardis’ proven training, robust curriculum and unique delivery platform.

A Professional Edge for Military Grads

Students with military experience learn to put their discipline, drive and skills to work in a corporate setting.  Dardis provides students with the necessary communication skills and professional polish to successfully transition to corporate America.

A Boost for Corporate Partners

Corporate partners have an opportunity to gain access to some of the most talented and diverse young professionals in the country.  Our graduates are fully trained in practical skills so they can hit the ground running and add value to organizations on day one.