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Make it Stick!

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Did you know that people receive 40 billion sensory inputs every second?  Our memory takes a lot of mental resources!  Unfortunately, people can only consciously deal with four things at a time and can be easily distracted. What can you do as a presenter to help prevent memory disruption, minimize what people have to remember, and all the while ensure a successful presentation?  Here are some tips:

  • People can remember things they see (visual memory) better than words.  Use images with or instead of words on slides.
  • Don’t just tell, rather, show people through examples, stories or exercises.
  • Try not to interrupt people if they are learning or encoding information.
  • Give people frequent breaks if you want them to remember information.
  • If some of the information is important for people to remember, plan to repeat it several times during your presentation.
  • If you want people to remember information accurately, provide them with a summary handout after the presentation for them to refer to later.

When it comes to working memory, remember that less is more! 

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