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Revolutionizing the shopping experience

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Have you ever stood in the very middle of your favorite department store with a frazzled look on your face as you took in the endless racks surrounding you? Have you ever avoided the nearest shopping mall to prevent that scenario from ever even transpiring?

If so, you’re not alone. Take a look around you the next time you enter a retail store, and you’re bound to see a few grimaces or looks of confusion, especially in the men’s department. The truth remains that most men dread the shopping experience, but they know how important it is to maintain a professional image.

We recognize that reality, so we have built our company in a way that makes buying clothing easy and convenient. Through our team of trained clothiers, we come directly to you with the finest in menswear, offer it at a great price and eliminate the need to shop.

We provide value in three ways:

All of our merchandise is private labeled under the Dardis brand. We spent years researching, interviewing and establishing relationships with the best manufacturers in the world.

By manufacturing our own clothing and ordering in bulk, we are able to save you money on the final product. As a customer, you end up with the best product for the best price.

Our highly trained clothiers meet you at your home or office, and we also offer tools like our wardrobe assessment and a tailor network that enable us to be a complete resource for you.

Our clients are the best Dardis brand ambassadors. Here are just two of the many positive reviews we have received:

“As a busy person, it is highly convenient to have someone come to my office and provide class A clothing from start to finish; socks to pants, shirts to suits. It fits my schedule. The quality is second to none, the service is unbelievable and the products are very reasonably priced.”
– Dr. James Mezhir, Surgeon, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

“I love Dardis! Yes, the product quality is very good, but I especially like the service. The students offer great suggestions on clothing options and pairings, which is a huge benefit for some of us who are challenged with what looks good together. I’m hooked!”
– Chad Furlong, Senior IT Manager, University of Iowa Foundation

Visit our website to learn more about how we are revolutionizing the shopping experience.

Introducing Student Manager Hilary Sweet

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The Dardis Clothiers interns began selling earlier this month under the guidance of the skilled Dardis Clothiers Student Managers. These Student Managers oversee a group of interns, providing industry-leading expertise and additional networking experience.

Hilary Sweet, 33, joined the Dardis family this year as a Student Manager with 10 years of sales experience and six years of retail experience under her belt.  This Iowa State graduate from Alburnett, Iowa is looking forward to helping others learn the business skills she has gained over the years, while also growing in her own career at a large insurance agency.

What do you most look forward to with your role as a student manager?
I look forward to a new challenge and the opportunity to learn just as much from my students as they will learn from me.

What advice will you give to the new Dardis student interns?
When you go out into the field to use the skills that you have learned from the Academy, you should not be discouraged when it comes to selling. You are always going to have the people that tell you “no,” but it’s the ones that tell you “yes” that will make all of those rejections null and void.

What are you first impressions about Dardis as a company?
I think Dardis Communications is a great company. I believe that every college and high school student needs to experience the Dardis Sales Academy before going out into the work force. I believe it’s going to teach the students to interact better and to give them the soft skills that they need to succeed.

What can clients expect by interacting with Dardis’ student interns?
Clients can expect a great set of students that are applying in the field what they have learned in the Academy. It’s a great way for the students to interact within the business world by earning college credits and overcoming any obstacles they may face.

“Real life. Real world. Real business experience.”

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Our 2013 class of interns begin their summer with us this week kicking off another year of our Classroom to Career program. Our program is made up of some of the most hard working, talented and motivated college and high school students in the nation, and their work begins long before the school year even ends.

In the spring, Student Managers work with students to identify and qualify a targeted list of 75 leads.  Students and Managers review their prospect lists, refine their skills on gaining referrals, confirm their territory and schedule and prepare for a busy summer.

Students then complete our very own training program, Dardis Sales Academy, before returning to their hometowns to put their training into action by selling our quality menswear in their local communities.

Our interns are trained on practical job skills like how to manage their schedule, approach prospective customers, demonstrate professional communication skills, deliver an impressive presentation highlighting our products, ask for the business and gain referrals.  Our clients appreciate and recognize the quality of interns and look to them to share information on professional image and wardrobe management.

Our clients benefit firsthand from our Classroom to Career program, but the students take away much more from the experience.

The summer was unbelievable. The experience you gain, not only at the Sales Academy, but also being out in the field as a representative, is so beneficial. Meeting with clients at their office or home, face-to-face, and delivering a product that you’re confident in, is the best experience you can get. Learning the skills in the Academy, then seeing success as a result, is huge! Not only for a confidence booster, but also for paving the way for the rest of my career. This is the real thing. Real life. Real world. Real business experience. If you’re looking to get out in the field and gain hands-on experience and knowledge, this is the opportunity for you.”
– Ben Brandsgard, 2012 Student Representative

Our Classroom to Career program opens doors, not just for future internships but for future career opportunities. We provide the professional skills and training that the business leaders of tomorrow need. Connect with one of our experienced clothiers today to see the Dardis difference for yourself.

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