The Dardis Academy Professional Training & Business Combine is an elite training experience where entry-level candidates build communication skills and polish their professionalism. Dardis is in the business of building future leaders and helping new employees transition to the business world.

Each year we train thousands of participants in our unique program.  We pride ourselves on our world-class training, and our business partners appreciate our ability to turn entry-level candidates into boardroom-ready professionals.

Our Professional Training & Business Combine is an opportunity for select companies to become a part of our inner circle.  We recognize the growing need to attract and retain high-quality employees.  We also know how costly it can be to hire the wrong person for the job.  A partnership with Dardis provides you access to intelligent, hard-working, trained and proven individuals ready to go to work for you.  Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  You sponsor one or more participants in the Dardis Academy.

Step 2:  Your sponsored participants attend Dardis’ professional training class led by our faculty.

Step 3:  As a sponsor, you can attend the training sessions and see participants in action.

Step 4:  At a final event, sponsors are invited to attend our exclusive networking reception. Participants who have completed the Combine attend this event, and it is a great recruiting platform for both sponsors and candidates.

Specific Benefits To You:

  • The program allows you to build relationships with key talent before your competition does.
  • You can utilize the Academy to audit, inspect and “test the waters” for potential employees.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to meet with various candidates and collaborate with our training team to fill job openings.
  • You’ll have full access to our resume database and individual profiles.
  • You can build strong relationships with high-performing candidates who greatly appreciate the opportunity you’re providing them.
  • You can track participants’ progress throughout the program by working directly with Dardis team.
  • You’ll have an opportunity to attend our Academy and see first-hand why some of the most successful companies in the world partner with Dardis to train their employees.
  • You introduce your company and publicize open positions at our networking event.
  • You have the ability to form mentoring relationships with the participants.

Why would companies be interested in Dardis Academy graduates?

Dardis graduates…

  • Possess a refined polish
  • Exude confidence
  • Speak as well as they think
  • Are clear, complete and concise
  • Know how to articulate their ideas
  • Are self-aware and appreciate social and emotional intelligence
  • Are prepared for meetings
  • Know what it means to “be brief, be bright and be gone.”
  • Look smart and sound smart
  • Do things on purpose instead of “winging it”
  • Are likable and memorable
  • Are open to coaching, feedback and a challenge

In short, Dardis Academy graduates are Trained, Tested and Proven.

Our Partners

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