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“Leading By Example” – Buena Vista Today Article

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Greg Dardis, Class of 1998, came to BVU from the small farming town of Farley for three reasons. “I fell in love with the campus… and the idea of going to classes year-round in shorts, thanks to the underground walkways,” Greg jokes. “The second reason is that I wanted to continue playing football, and the third reason was that I knew a small school was a better fit. Having a personal connection with instructors and faculty is beneficial, and I knew I would get that kind of attention and guidance at BV.”

He set his foundation for lifelong success while at BVU by immersing himself in a variety of transformational college experiences. During his time as a Beaver, Greg had five internships and was also very involved on campus as a DJ, a resident assistant, an academic assistant, and playing football. “Even when I was at BVU, I knew that your future is about experience. I knew I needed a degree, but that was just one piece of the puzzle. The other was getting real- world experience. And BV provided both,” says Greg.
When Greg graduated from BVU with a degree in marketing and corporate communications, he joined the BVU Office of Alumni and Development as a special gifts officer. That job led him to a BV alum in Chicago who took an interest in his experience and sales potential, offering Greg a job in professional training and development.

Greg4Whether training corporate executives at a Fortune 500 company or delivering a workshop on a college campus, BVU alum Greg Dardis is in the business of building future leaders.

Just three years later, at the age of 24, Greg launched Dardis Communications, offering professional image coaching, presentation skills, and sales training. “The company I worked for went through some changes, so it was time for me to move on in my career,” says Greg. “I knew what I liked doing, what I was good at doing, and that was selling. I knew I liked training and development, and that is how Dardis Communications began.”
The company started with just one employee – Greg – but quickly grew to include his mother and sister, and eventually more employees. Today, Dardis Communications is part of Dardis, Inc., a family of companies focused on building future leaders. Greg and his Dardis team of 20 full-time employees and eight independent contractors have trained over 100,000 executives, coached over 500 C-suite executives, and developed more than 5,000 students.
Greg credits the company’s success to maintaining a specific focus for starting and building the business. “The main focus when I started the business, and even to this day, is that we focus on four areas: presentation skills training, professional image or leadership presence, sales training, and business writing. That is our wheelhouse,” says Greg. “I think that is what has made us successful and allowed us to withstand the struggling economy and the ups and downs of business. Just focusing on our core competencies and not wavering from that or trying to get into other components of training and development such as customer service or media training.”

In the beginning stages of Dardis Communications, Greg found it challenging to go in to companies and sell to someone who was potentially a lot older. “Selling to someone who had a lot more experience was not easy,” Greg recalls. “I even remember wanting to color my hair grey at one point just to look older.”
What he discovered was that if he was honest with them, and himself, and kept the focus on their needs, the prospective client really became aware of what Greg and Dardis Communications could do for them. “I would focus on the things we teach, such as how to present, how to sell, and how to speak as well as you think. Be clear, complete, and concise. Look the part and pay attention to the little details. And most important, practice what you preach,” says Greg.
He found that the most important element to earning a customer base was to just listen. “From a sales standpoint, I was a really good listener. My parents taught me early on to have an appreciation for listening,” says Greg.
Now that Dardis Communications has grown, its challenges rest with growing the business, meeting customer expectations, and making sure the team is fully trained. Greg holds the role of CEO and president of the company, and his main responsibility is communicating the vision of the company and making sure his team is well positioned for future growth. “Every successful business is focused on the customer and should always be asking, ‘What can we be doing better for the customer?’” says Greg. “We focus a lot of energy on exceeding customer expectations, which means companies continue to use us. We do what we say we’re going to do; we’re consistent.”

The clients that Greg and Dardis Communications have worked with are extremely diverse. The company’s client list includes Fortune 500 companies like Pepsi, Wrigley Gum, and John Deere; professional and Olympic athletes; members of the cruise line industry; consumer goods companies; engineers; and more. “Our customer base is really diverse, which makes it fun,” says Greg. “No matter what you do, no matter what your field of study or job is, you have to communicate well and be persuasive with your ideas.”
Many of their clients have found Dardis Communications through word of mouth. The training programs can range from one-on-one personal coaching sessions, to small group workshops or large keynote presentations. “People know they are going to get the best when they sign up for a Dardis program. Our training is extremely hands-on and fun! And for this reason, it’s not uncommon for companies to have a waiting list of people wanting to get into our programs,” says Greg.
The most common training is a two-day Leadership Communication and Image Skills program, which is the company’s flagship program and Greg says, “it’s the best of the best when it comes to executive communication and image skills.”

The Dardis client list also includes universities and colleges. “Over the years, we have worked with many colleges and universities, but mostly at the MBA (Master in Business Administration) level,” says Greg.
Working with MBA students re-ignited Greg’s passion for working with college students, and he had the desire to do more. “While our program is great for MBA students, we didn’t really have a platform to reach students at the undergraduate level,” says Greg.
Greg continues, “In research that has been done by the Hult International Business School and other groups, one of the biggest gaps among the skills of graduating college students is oral communication skills. College graduates don’t speak as well as they think, and often times can’t sell themselves or an idea in a meeting. In addition, they don’t look the part; they don’t show up looking polished and presentable. We decided we needed to find a way to close those gaps and fulfill that need.”
Just as BVU helped prepare Greg for lifelong success and learning, he wanted to pass that along to students through a program that would help them develop those missing workplace readiness skills such as communication and presentation techniques, improving their professional image, and business skills such as accounting, bookkeeping, and territory and time management.

To create a program to work with undergraduate students and still make it affordable for Dardis and the students, in 2011, Greg established Dardis Academy and Dardis Clothiers, the two other components of Dardis, Inc.
Dardis Academy is a student training and development program, focused on developing students with practical skills and real world experience. Students receive five days of intensive classroom training, where they learn everything Dardis Communications teaches regarding communication, image, sales training, business writing, and how to run a business. That is followed by a marketing and sales internship in their hometown that offers nine weeks of real-world experience. “Our students work in their hometown, so they can live with family and work in an area they are familiar with. It also helps them keep their expenses low.”
During the internship, students run their own business marketing men’s apparel such as suits, blazers, polo and dress shirts, trousers, belts, and accessories, which are part of the Dardis Clothiers collection. “We had to come up with a product students could relate to after receiving our training, and professional clothing is a nice fit,” says Greg. “Students are taught about apparel during the Academy so they develop an appreciation for professional image, quality clothing, and why having a polished image is important. We chose men’s clothing, as the style doesn’t change as much, and men usually don’t like to shop.”
A 26,000 square foot center in Dyersville serves as the clothing distribution center and fulfills the student orders, which are then conveniently delivered right to the customer’s door.



“The Dardis program is GREAT! I found it very informational, professional, and beneficial to my career. The Dardis program helped me gain confidence for the summer internship as well as life after graduation.”

Amanda Kavan, BVU senior marketing major from Storm Lake



Dardis manufactures and designs the clothing that the academy students sell. “We design the clothing and partner with 25 factories to manufacturer our products,” says Greg. “When we design a dress shirt, we design how the shirt looks and feels, its shape, and all of its intricacies. We then make the product in bulk to cut down the cost for the end customer and still provide a margin to be able to pay the students.”

This summer, there are approximately 200 students in the Dardis Academy program from 65 universities across 9 states. The internship or “field experience” is a paid opportunity as students earn money through commission from the clothing they sell while earning college credit and building their resumes.
“Students receive roughly $5,000 worth of professional training. In addition, our top students earn over $3,000 in profit as well as win a free trip to Mexico. One of the biggest benefits to the students is our networking event where they have a chance to interact with top organizations from around the country. These organizations are specifically interested in hiring Dardis grads because they know the quality of our students,” says Greg. “Our end product might be clothing, but our true product is the student. We’re in the business of building future leaders, and the Academy provides a platform where students, parents, and organizations can be a part of something truly unique and special.”


Tanner_IowaTera “The best thing about the program was gaining a new outlook on sales techniques and learning to deliver more effective presentations. The training was extremely hands-on and very interactive.”

Tanner Regenwether, senior business major with
entrepreneurship concentration from Marion


Greg credits his parents as being the foundation for his success. “My mom told me, ‘never become a shark in a suit, no matter how successful you get’. Don’t try to be something you’re not; treat people with respect, and that will come through. And it has,” Greg says. “I’m very fortunate. I’ve been able to take what I’m passionate about, create a business around that passion, and work with multiple audiences in training and development.”
Greg lives in Coralville with his wife Tonya, and their children, son Lincoln who is eight years old, daughter Kennedy who is six years old, and Harrison who is seven months old.
Just as he did when he was a student, Greg continues to be involved with BVU. He recently served six years on the BVU alumni board, which helped him stay engaged with the university. He can also be found on campus throughout the year, speaking to students at a variety of events or cheering on the Beavers at homecoming.

Recruitment Manager Spotlight: Samantha Kheim

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As the weather changes and the holiday season looms around the corner, summer internship opportunities may be far from your mind.  Summer may be months away, but now is the time to explore your options to enhance your resume and prepare yourself for your post-graduation career.

At Dardis Academy, we have a team of recruitment managers dedicated to keeping your summer 2014 internship top of mind.  These recruitment managers tour their designated regions to attend career fairs, college information sessions and more to promote the unique Classroom to Career internship program with Dardis.

We will feature our recruitment managers regularly on this blog to share the true spirit of Dardis and encourage you or a college student in your life to apply for this life-changing internship!  Applications must be processed by May 1, but space is limited, so don’t delay!

In our first recruitment manager spotlight, we introduce Samantha Kheim:

What is the greatest benefit of the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program?
The ability to apply skills from the Academy as an entrepreneur.  I am also very excited to see young adults start their professional networking early on.

What sets the Dardis internship apart from other internship opportunities?
In most internships, students find themselves only exposed to the company through what they hear and see when they are making copies.  With Dardis, they are the business.

Why do you think it’s important for students to gain real life career experience while in college?
The #1 quality that employers look for on a resume is real world experience.  Even if your extracurricular activities and GPA are off the charts, they want to find someone who have proven experience getting a job done.

What Dardis intern success stories do you share with prospective interns?
My favorite success story is Elliot Salter.  Elliot went through the Dardis Academy in 2013 and was one of our top-sellers.  He is an example of working smart.  Elliott made $3,200 in a summer, when many of his peers were sitting at home.  He did all of that in about 30 hours per week.

In one word, what’s Dardis all about?

Where can students find you?
Culver-Stockton College, UMSL, Washington University, SLU, Webster University, Truman State University and more to come!

How can students contact you for more information?
Call me at 636.233.2189 or email any time at

A Successful Summer for Patrick Gibbs

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Our top sales leader for the 2013 Classroom to Career summer internship program, Patrick Gibbs, took a break from selling to share his perspective on his Dardis experience.  With sales totaling nearly $16,000 and priceless hours of on-the-job experience, it’s clear that Patrick had a successful summer.

How would you describe your Dardis Classroom to Career internship program experience in one word?
I think my summer is actually best described in two words – challenging and rewarding.  The summer was not easy, as every day was a new challenge, whether it was unexpected rejection or just finding the motivation to keep calling and stopping in places.

Overcoming these challenges was, by far, the most rewarding feeling that I’ve had.  Seeing that I was able to address obstacles and overcome them for both personal and financial reward left me feeling accomplished at the end of every day.

What was your most memorable sale of the summer?
For my last sale in June, I had to drive an hour and a half to Iowa City.  Two appointments had cancelled, and I was making the trip for one potential client.  The week had been long, and my sales were far lower than I wanted for that week.  I thought about rescheduling, but decided the morning of that I had made a commitment and would follow through.  The client asked if I would mind if his business partner also sat in, which I was more than happy to accommodate.  After the consultation, I determined that their needs together added up to the Elite Package.

I proposed that they take advantage of that package pricing and split it with just a few modifications.  They accepted, and I was the first person in the history of the company to sell our largest package option.  Needless to say, selling $4,257 worth of merchandise in one sitting was more than worth that trip!  This meant more to me than just a big sale because it reminded me to keep my head up when times got challenging and that hard work will always pay off in the end!

Would you recommend this internship program to your peers?
I would recommend this program to any of my peers.  No matter what your major is or where you want to end up in life, this internship will make you better prepared.  I had always considered myself a salesman by nature and very personable, and I was amazed at how much my interpersonal communication ability grew from the Dardis Academy and then practicing Greg Dardis’ training in the field.  The skills that you learn in the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program will prove to be what sets you apart from the rest of the pack in any career or lifestyle!

Regarding the Academy,  I was not looking forward to 40 hours of training, and I had not been a fan of any professional training that I had gotten before.  I expected to be bored and learn redundant information, but Greg and his entire team captivated me the entire time.  I can easily say that I learned more applicable skills in the Academy than three years of college.  This was an amazing opportunity, and I am so thankful that I gave this program a try.  I know that I learned skills that I will use for my entire life!

Congratulations, Patrick, on your successful summer!

Set to Impress: Justin Blackburn

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In our latest intern spotlight, we feature multi-week top seller Justin Blackburn. Justin, a junior at the University of Iowa, began his Dardis internship with no previous sales or retail experience, but his summer has already proven to be successful.

This 20-year-old Johnston, Iowa native enrolled in the Dardis Classroom to Career program to boost his resume and challenge himself, while building his network and business skills.

“This looks a lot better than working at Hy-Vee, my only other job,” Justin said, “and making some cash never hurts!”

Read on to learn about Justin’s exciting experience with Dardis.

What are your long-term career goals?
I want to find a job that I enjoy going to every day. You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you are going to a job that you don’t enjoy, then you are working. If you are going to a job that is enjoyable for you, then you never work a day in your life.” A well-paying job that I enjoy and can support my future family with is all I can really ask for.

What was the most valuable information you learned in the Dardis Sales Academy?
I think the most valuable information I learned in the Dardis Academy were the communication skills, presentation skills and professional image training. These are skills that I am going to be able to use in every aspect of my life. I am going to have to communicate and present to people, and I need to look sharp while doing it. Dressing for the job you want, not the job you have will be my motto as I start my career.

What are you looking forward to the most with this summer experience?
Networking with business professionals. Networking is huge in the business world today. As the saying goes, “It’s not what you know, but who you know.”

How has the transition gone from the Academy to selling the Dardis product?
It has gone really well as I apply the skills I learned in the classroom to the real world. If you apply the communication, presentation and sales training skills that you learned in the classroom to the actual selling of the Dardis product, you are going to do well. My biggest success story was that I sold 42 embroidered polos to the athletic director of the high school I graduated from. I have known him for a long time and being able to help him and his staff is a huge success story in my eyes.

Do you have a favorite Dardis product?
The multi-herringbone check button-down dress shirt. It is the most versatile shirt we have and it is also a very sharp shirt.

What fashion/menswear advice do you plan to share with all of your clients?
There are two: do not wear a tie with a button-down shirt, ever, and always dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

How do you think your role with Dardis Clothiers will benefit you in the future as you begin your post-college career?
I think it will benefit me greatly. When a future employer looks at my resume, this internship will really catch their eye. It will also be a great talking point in an interview with an employer. I can say that I ran my own clothing business, prospected, networked, sold and that everything was my responsibility. I really think employers are going to be impressed.

Katelyn Wheeldon: Building Skills in the Real World

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University of Iowa sophomore Katelyn Wheeldon entered the business world long before she entered the Dardis Classroom to Career program. As a student at Sigourney High School, Katelyn, now 18, owned her own gift wrapping service and gift basket sales business through the eSigourney Entrepreneurial Academy for Leadership program. Now Katelyn is building up her network in southeastern Iowa and meeting successful individuals that work or own their own businesses, as well.

Below, Katelyn shares what drives her and how the Dardis internship program is building the foundation for a successful career.

Why did you enroll in the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program?
I wanted real-world experience, and I know that sales is important in any field. You will always be selling something, whether that something is a product, service, idea or yourself. Dardis has given me a solid foundation to build upon, which I can continue to build up long after this summer.

What are your long-term career goals?
I’m really interested in public relations and advertising. The strategies behind ads we see every day are fascinating, and there is so much work that goes into that billboard you see on your way to work or a 30-second commercial that you see on TV.

What was the most valuable information you learned in the Dardis Sales Academy?
I learned so much in the Dardis Sales Academy, but the two things that stick out in my mind are active listening and eye contact. Learning that the number one complaint about salespeople is that they talk too much made me try to ask open-ended questions and listen to my customers. Also, learning how to cut out filler words through eye contact helped me give effective presentations and talk to large groups of people.

What goals do you hope to achieve this summer?
My big goal is the Mexico trip, which is awarded to the interns who meet a goal of sales, but my other goal is to get to the point to where I am presenting the clothing to different people at least five times a day.

Do you have a favorite Dardis product?
I really like the ties. It allows men to bring out a little fun and personality in their wardrobe. Plus, you can always find a tie that goes with a Dardis dress shirt or a previously owned shirt.

What advice do you plan to share with all of your clients?
Socks should match the pants and not the shoes. Also, that dress shirt sleeves should be a little long so that the sleeves stick out of the suit coat a bit.

How do you think your role with Dardis Clothiers will benefit you in the future as you begin your post-college career?
Dardis and Dardis Sales Academy taught me skills that I can use in my future career and even currently in my classes. I have taken a sales class before, but actually being out in the real world selling something is totally different. You have to think on your feet and think of answers that aren’t in a textbook. You are tested every day and in every meeting – not just every few weeks with a fill-in-the-bubble test.

Bennet Klostermann: Making the Most of the Dardis Opportunity

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It was a personal phone call with Dardis Academy owner Greg Dardis that convinced University of Northern Iowa student Bennet Klostermann, 21, to join the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program. As they discussed the vision for the program and Bennet’s personal aspirations, Bennet knew the Dardis could provide the “story” he needed for his resume and his eventual career in the medical sales field.

Read on to learn more about this Dyersville, Iowa native’s internship experience so far:

What are your long-term career goals?
I look to be very successful this summer, but I really want to take everything out of these next 10 weeks I can and use them to better myself now and for my future. Dardis is giving us a great opportunity, so I would like to use this to my advantage to ensure I can be successful in the upcoming years.

What was the most valuable information you learned in the Dardis Sales Academy?
The Dardis Sales Academy was a tremendous way of being introduced to the company. We went through 40-plus hours of training on communication and image skills. I found this to be very helpful because this is what Greg and the rest of Dardis team does with huge executives and different companies from all around the world. And for me, the communication aspect of the training was very helpful and knowledgeable. It gave us the tools to be successful when approaching a potential client, giving a speech in front of a group or even during an interview with a potential employer.

What are you looking forward to the most with this summer experience?
I’m looking forward to the chance of growing and expanding my network. This is a great opportunity for us as students to really show who we are and what a hard work ethic can do for you.

How has the transition gone from the Academy to selling the Dardis product?
At the Academy, we talked a lot about goals. I set personal goals for myself, because it challenges you to keep going and to keep pushing yourself even when you’re not having the best days. The best thing that has happened to me so far this summer was when I walked into a business doing a complete cold call, and they already knew who I was and wanted to sit down with me and learn more about what Dardis has to offer. It’s a nice feeling because you know that somewhere along the line, I did my job and made a positive impact on someone and they recommended me around town, which is huge in sales.

Do you have a favorite Dardis product?
All of our products here at Dardis are great. Personally however, I really like our jackets/blazers. It’s a great product, and they go with basically everything. If I had one more choice, I would definitely say our neckwear. The ties are second to none and give everything a great look.

What fashion/menswear advice do you plan to share with all of your clients?
Dress for the job you want, not the job you currently have. A first impression is made within the first seven seconds after meeting someone. It’s necessary that a man chooses models, fabrics and colors that compliment his shape and minimize its faults. If you look good, you’re going to feel good.

How do you think your role with Dardis Clothiers will benefit you in the future as you begin your post-college career?
Not only does it give me a story and makes me stand out, but Dardis also gives me the chance to use my past experiences and learn from them. It is teaching me how to be reliable, how to manage my time and giving me the chance to show that I can work hard and work smarter too. The opportunity I have at Dardis is something that will benefit me for a long time to come, which I am truly appreciative for.

A Successful Start For Intern Elliot Salter

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It’s difficult to believe that 20-year-old Elliot Salter, a finance major at the University of Iowa, entered the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program with no retail or sales experience. After only one week of selling last month, this Dyersville, Iowa native was at the top of the Dardis intern leader board, selling nearly $6,000 worth of merchandise.

Beyond his experience with Dardis, Elliot most importantly wants to help people through his financial services career path, and he believes that the Dardis internship program is the best place to start.

What was the most valuable information you learned in the Dardis Sales Academy?
Confidence is everything. If the potential customer does not believe that you know what you’re talking about, there is no reason for them be interested. Also, people love to buy, but hate to be sold. Every potential customer is different, so a successful salesperson needs to be able to adapt and direct the conversation toward someone else’s needs.

What are you looking forward to the most with this summer experience?
It will be great to have the kind of confidence it takes to be successful in this program. I have already grown so much as a people person, and I am looking forward to learning lessons through the high and low points of my experience.

How has the transition gone from the Academy to selling the Dardis product? Any success stories yet or a goal you hope to achieve?
The transition went very well! It is a lot easier selling a product that you know people need, but what is more important is that they know they need it. The UPS delivery person has already commented on how many of the Dardis packages they have delivered, so I hope to really make their head spin!

Do you have a favorite Dardis product?
I love my black paisley tie. I can wear it with almost any shirt, and it really adds the pop necessary to stick out.

What fashion/menswear advice do you plan to share with all of your clients?
Dress pants fit much different than jeans do. It is an interesting conversation explaining to men that they may not be gaining weight, but the measurements will be different!

How do you think your role with Dardis Clothiers will benefit you in the future as you begin your post-college career?
The skills I have already obtained and will obtain are priceless when it comes to the opportunities I will work for after college. A person who can speak well and look the part of the job they are aiming for would be hard to turn down.

Introducing Student Manager Hilary Sweet

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The Dardis Clothiers interns began selling earlier this month under the guidance of the skilled Dardis Clothiers Student Managers. These Student Managers oversee a group of interns, providing industry-leading expertise and additional networking experience.

Hilary Sweet, 33, joined the Dardis family this year as a Student Manager with 10 years of sales experience and six years of retail experience under her belt.  This Iowa State graduate from Alburnett, Iowa is looking forward to helping others learn the business skills she has gained over the years, while also growing in her own career at a large insurance agency.

What do you most look forward to with your role as a student manager?
I look forward to a new challenge and the opportunity to learn just as much from my students as they will learn from me.

What advice will you give to the new Dardis student interns?
When you go out into the field to use the skills that you have learned from the Academy, you should not be discouraged when it comes to selling. You are always going to have the people that tell you “no,” but it’s the ones that tell you “yes” that will make all of those rejections null and void.

What are you first impressions about Dardis as a company?
I think Dardis Communications is a great company. I believe that every college and high school student needs to experience the Dardis Sales Academy before going out into the work force. I believe it’s going to teach the students to interact better and to give them the soft skills that they need to succeed.

What can clients expect by interacting with Dardis’ student interns?
Clients can expect a great set of students that are applying in the field what they have learned in the Academy. It’s a great way for the students to interact within the business world by earning college credits and overcoming any obstacles they may face.

“Real life. Real world. Real business experience.”

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Our 2013 class of interns begin their summer with us this week kicking off another year of our Classroom to Career program. Our program is made up of some of the most hard working, talented and motivated college and high school students in the nation, and their work begins long before the school year even ends.

In the spring, Student Managers work with students to identify and qualify a targeted list of 75 leads.  Students and Managers review their prospect lists, refine their skills on gaining referrals, confirm their territory and schedule and prepare for a busy summer.

Students then complete our very own training program, Dardis Sales Academy, before returning to their hometowns to put their training into action by selling our quality menswear in their local communities.

Our interns are trained on practical job skills like how to manage their schedule, approach prospective customers, demonstrate professional communication skills, deliver an impressive presentation highlighting our products, ask for the business and gain referrals.  Our clients appreciate and recognize the quality of interns and look to them to share information on professional image and wardrobe management.

Our clients benefit firsthand from our Classroom to Career program, but the students take away much more from the experience.

The summer was unbelievable. The experience you gain, not only at the Sales Academy, but also being out in the field as a representative, is so beneficial. Meeting with clients at their office or home, face-to-face, and delivering a product that you’re confident in, is the best experience you can get. Learning the skills in the Academy, then seeing success as a result, is huge! Not only for a confidence booster, but also for paving the way for the rest of my career. This is the real thing. Real life. Real world. Real business experience. If you’re looking to get out in the field and gain hands-on experience and knowledge, this is the opportunity for you.”
– Ben Brandsgard, 2012 Student Representative

Our Classroom to Career program opens doors, not just for future internships but for future career opportunities. We provide the professional skills and training that the business leaders of tomorrow need. Connect with one of our experienced clothiers today to see the Dardis difference for yourself.

Andy Hadden: Taking Dardis to the next level

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Andy Hadden may be new to Dardis Clothiers, but he has been a fan of the Dardis brand since long before he joined the company in October 2012. Andy is now tasked with growing Dardis Clothiers as a Territory Sales Manager and Classroom to Career Recruiter.

The majority of his time is spent on recruiting college and high school-age students that are in need of a challenging summer job that will jump off their resume post-graduation. The Classroom to Career program is poised to begin its second summer with interns, so read on to learn first-hand from Andy on why he is confident that Dardis is ready to take this program to the next level.

What do you look for when searching for a Dardis Clothiers student rep?
I try to think outside of the box when looking for Interns and student managers. First, I look for a person that wants to take the road less traveled, because they know that road will make them better in the end. Our company is in the business of building future leaders, and leaders know that to become a leader, you have to do something that will set you apart from everyone else.

Why is Dardis Clothiers committed to building the “Classroom to Career” program?
Year after year, surveys show that the ability to communicate effectively continues to be the number one shortfall for college graduates. Students graduate with technical or hard skills, but they lack the soft skills. Research shows that only 15 percent of one’s success in the workplace is determined by hard skills, while the remaining 85 percent of a person’s success depends on soft skills. Essentially, college graduates walk across the stage on graduation day with enough theory and course knowledge, but when they arrive on the job, they lack the desired communication skills, professional image and the ability to sell themselves and their ideas effectively.

Our program provides students with an opportunity to build skills, character and a powerful resume through the professional training they receive as well as the opportunity to run their own business. In today’s competitive marketplace, students need to be able to separate themselves from the pack with effective communication skills, as well as work experience. Our summer program provides both, and it gives employers the confidence they need when hiring our graduates.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?
It is always changing. Some days I am reaching out to find future student interns, and the next day I will be working with a customer to help him find just the right suit for his upcoming wedding.

What do you think sets Dardis Clothiers apart from other menswear stores?
Simple, we are not a store. We are an experience. We cater to our customers unlike any other menswear provider out there. We not only help you pick out the right outfit for a big speech but also help get the right wardrobe for that upcoming promotion you desire.

Do you have a favorite customer story/experience?
My favorite customer story was with a home inspector I hired in Iowa City. We were talking to him the day after the inspection, and at the end of the meeting, he told me that he needed a suit. Turns out that this hard-working home inspector by day is also on the board of directors for the Iowa American Legions by night! Goes to show that everyone needs a suit!

What would you say to someone who is interested in shopping with Dardis Clothiers for the first time?
Product, price, convenience. Our products are made from the best materials, from the best mills, priced below a retail store and sent right to your door, ultimately saving you time and money.

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