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Dardis Key to Success: Time and Territory Management

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It’s completely invisible, but it drives our day-to-day and long-term plans, including how we prioritize and our perceived level of stress. Time – we usually don’t have enough of it, especially at work. When projects and tasks pile up, one of our first laments usually includes, “If only I had more time.”

Time management is a valuable skill in our personal lives, as well as our careers, making it a true key to success and an important component of the Dardis Academy training program. As future professionals, our interns need to learn how to manage their workday, while focusing on both short-term and long-term goals and objectives. In the world of sales, professionals also need to learn how to best handle their territory, no matter how big or small.

Our program teaches  interns how to effectively allocate their time to get the job done by giving them the freedom to set their own schedules and learn how the quality time they invest directly impacts their success. By selling in their own communities, they also learn during our summer internship program to manage their territory by balancing time with both current and prospective clients.

Time and territory management represents a challenge for even the most seasoned professionals, but with Dardis Academy, our interns gain the foundational skills and experience to effectively manage their time and territory in their future careers.

To start better managing your time today, try these four simple tips from Business Insider:

Make a realistic to-do list:  Create your list the night before, so you’ll have a head start the next day.

Turn off distractions: There are so many possible diversions in today’s technological world. Ignore as many of them as possible, so you can stay focused on completing your tasks.

Learn to say no: Understand what you can and can’t do. If you volunteer or say yes to everything, you won’t be able to complete your own list of responsibilities.

Find a timing system that works for you: Find out what way is best for your goals. Know what the best time is for you to perform most efficiently at different tasks throughout the day.

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