Fashion (and Career) Advice You Can Trust

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Our Dardis clothiers are proud to serve as trusted menswear experts for clients nationwide.  From fabric to fit, we know how to make you look your best in a professional setting.  Our products are made with the highest quality materials and most importantly, at the best possible price for you.

We combine fashion expertise with a thorough understanding of the power of a professional image.

Successful people have an awareness and appreciation for professional image and “looking the part,” and our educated clothiers share that knowledge directly with each of our clients.

Our professional image advice comes from more than a decade of training executives through our sister company, Dardis Communications.  The training we provide is proven to be effective in developing effective speakers and respected leaders in companies of all sizes.

You can find career advice anywhere, from the Internet, family members or a thick step-by-step guide at your local bookstore.  Each avenue can provide value, but it’s important to rely on the experts, like Dardis Communications, when preparing for a promotion, new role or when looking for a development opportunity.

Not all advice can be trusted.  Check out Forbes’ “6 Career Tips You Should Put In The Shredder,” for example.  You may have heard these recommendations before, but as the Forbes article states, some advice can be wrong if taken too literally.

  • Don’t argue with the offer.
  • Don’t take risks with your career.
  • Keep your resume on one page.
  • Find a company you can work at forever.
  • Show no weakness.
  • Don’t spend company money.

Through our Classroom to Career program, we educate groups of young leaders to be effective sales people and strong speakers.  The Dardis Academy training program gives students the competitive edge that they need to succeed in the marketplace.  And our clients can’t help but notice.

“I love Dardis!  Yes, the product quality is very good, but I especially like the service.  The students offer great suggestions on clothing options and pairings, which is a huge benefit for some of us who are challenged with what looks good together.  I’m hooked!”
– Chad Furlong, Senior IT Manager, University of Iowa Foundation

So whether a Dardis representative is leading an individual consultation or helping you with your presentation skills, know that Dardis is proud to provide the foundation that will serve you in your career and help you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

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Back to School Fall Essentials

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Even if you’re not hitting the books in an evening MBA program, you can still take the opportunity to do your own “back to school” shopping for fall.  The change in seasons is the perfect time to reevaluate your wardrobe and decide what should stay and what should go.

Dedicate one hour in the coming weeks to purge your wardrobe.  What haven’t you worn in six months?  Which items are too big or too small?  Divide your questionable items into piles to either donate or trash, depending on their condition.

Once you have made room in your closet, plan to invest in a few new items, including quality menswear from Dardis Apparel.  As a transitional season, fall does not require you to completely switch out your wardrobe.  You can purchase a small number of staple pieces or finishing items that will keep your professional and casual wardrobe up-to-date before the snow flies.

Not sure where to start?  Here are some ideas from GQ’s fall 2013 fashion preview:

  • A camel topcoat
    Dardis says:  Outerwear is a practical and fashionable investment.  Even the most classic pieces can be personalized depending on the color and length, as well as the buttons and zippers.
  • Loud plaid prints
    Dardis says:  Plaid has flourished in both professional and casual wardrobes, so build off of that foundation this season with an even bolder print.  Think oranges and deep purples in prominent prints.
  • A motorcycle jacket
    Dardis says:  For cool fall nights, add a trendy motorcycle jacket to your closet.  Perfect for the transition from the office to a dinner date, motorcycle jackets prove that a little edge can still be classy.
  • A tweed suit
    Dardis says:  We know more than anyone the importance of a quality suit, but this fall, experiment with new textures like tweed to complement your black, gray or brown staples.
  • Turtlenecks
    Dardis says:  To easily update your wardrobe for this new season, trade your polos or dress shirts for a turtleneck or sweater in neutral colors to pair with a suit jacket or just slacks.
  • Tailored trousers
    Dardis says:  Fit will always be a top style priority, so connect with a tailor or seamstress to customize your dress pants for you.  For an updated look, opt for a slim leg.

Our skilled sales professionals are available to listen to your needs and recommend items from the Dardis collection for your fall wardrobe.

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Revolutionizing the shopping experience

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Have you ever stood in the very middle of your favorite department store with a frazzled look on your face as you took in the endless racks surrounding you? Have you ever avoided the nearest shopping mall to prevent that scenario from ever even transpiring?

If so, you’re not alone. Take a look around you the next time you enter a retail store, and you’re bound to see a few grimaces or looks of confusion, especially in the men’s department. The truth remains that most men dread the shopping experience, but they know how important it is to maintain a professional image.

We recognize that reality, so we have built our company in a way that makes buying clothing easy and convenient. Through our team of trained clothiers, we come directly to you with the finest in menswear, offer it at a great price and eliminate the need to shop.

We provide value in three ways:

All of our merchandise is private labeled under the Dardis brand. We spent years researching, interviewing and establishing relationships with the best manufacturers in the world.

By manufacturing our own clothing and ordering in bulk, we are able to save you money on the final product. As a customer, you end up with the best product for the best price.

Our highly trained clothiers meet you at your home or office, and we also offer tools like our wardrobe assessment and a tailor network that enable us to be a complete resource for you.

Our clients are the best Dardis brand ambassadors. Here are just two of the many positive reviews we have received:

“As a busy person, it is highly convenient to have someone come to my office and provide class A clothing from start to finish; socks to pants, shirts to suits. It fits my schedule. The quality is second to none, the service is unbelievable and the products are very reasonably priced.”
– Dr. James Mezhir, Surgeon, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

“I love Dardis! Yes, the product quality is very good, but I especially like the service. The students offer great suggestions on clothing options and pairings, which is a huge benefit for some of us who are challenged with what looks good together. I’m hooked!”
– Chad Furlong, Senior IT Manager, University of Iowa Foundation

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