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Beyond the Classroom: Preparing for the “Real World”

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Most high school students close their lockers for the last time and toss their caps at graduation thinking that college is final preparation for entry into the “real world.”  At a basic level, that’s true.  A college education can provide students with the book smarts and social experiences needed to jump start an adult life, as well as a career.

But do four (sometimes more!) years at a university really prepare students for challenges found in the workplace?

One study followed 2,300 undergraduates from 2005 to 2007 and found that 36 percent of students did not demonstrate significant improvement in key measures of critical thinking, complex reasoning and writing.  If book knowledge did not increase, it’s likely that other skills did not, as well.  While only one study, students have to wonder, will I really be ready to graduate?

Melinda Boisjolie, an intern for the National Association for College Admission Counseling, may have said it best:

“It is a tough realization, but a college degree does not automatically translate into a job.  Experience and involvement are just as important, if not more important than high grades.  While the significance of grades depends on your major and what you intend to do after your undergraduate years, they don’t mean anything if you do not know how to effectively communicate with others.”

Effective communication.  Experience and involvement.  This is where Dardis comes in.

Through our Classroom to Career internship program, college students gain real life business experience after completing professional training to set them apart when they apply for their first job and beyond.  In the Dardis Academy, interns learn the skills they will need on the job, including selling techniques, presentation skills, time management and more.  Following the Academy, our interns use their skills to sell quality, professional clothing, while putting their new skills to the test.

It’s not about the clothes or even the financial benefits that successful students can lean on after a well-spent summer.  It’s about equipping students with the real world skills and experiences that they will need to succeed post-graduation.

According to a 2012 survey, 66 percent of employers believe interview performance and relevant work experience are the most important factors in their hiring decisions—far more significant than strong academic performance.

Combined with a quality education, Dardis interns have what it takes to not only get the job, but to do well in whatever they do.  Learn more about the benefits of our internship program today and recommend the Classroom to Career program to a college student in your life.


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