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A Successful Start For Intern Elliot Salter

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It’s difficult to believe that 20-year-old Elliot Salter, a finance major at the University of Iowa, entered the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program with no retail or sales experience. After only one week of selling last month, this Dyersville, Iowa native was at the top of the Dardis intern leader board, selling nearly $6,000 worth of merchandise.

Beyond his experience with Dardis, Elliot most importantly wants to help people through his financial services career path, and he believes that the Dardis internship program is the best place to start.

What was the most valuable information you learned in the Dardis Sales Academy?
Confidence is everything. If the potential customer does not believe that you know what you’re talking about, there is no reason for them be interested. Also, people love to buy, but hate to be sold. Every potential customer is different, so a successful salesperson needs to be able to adapt and direct the conversation toward someone else’s needs.

What are you looking forward to the most with this summer experience?
It will be great to have the kind of confidence it takes to be successful in this program. I have already grown so much as a people person, and I am looking forward to learning lessons through the high and low points of my experience.

How has the transition gone from the Academy to selling the Dardis product? Any success stories yet or a goal you hope to achieve?
The transition went very well! It is a lot easier selling a product that you know people need, but what is more important is that they know they need it. The UPS delivery person has already commented on how many of the Dardis packages they have delivered, so I hope to really make their head spin!

Do you have a favorite Dardis product?
I love my black paisley tie. I can wear it with almost any shirt, and it really adds the pop necessary to stick out.

What fashion/menswear advice do you plan to share with all of your clients?
Dress pants fit much different than jeans do. It is an interesting conversation explaining to men that they may not be gaining weight, but the measurements will be different!

How do you think your role with Dardis Clothiers will benefit you in the future as you begin your post-college career?
The skills I have already obtained and will obtain are priceless when it comes to the opportunities I will work for after college. A person who can speak well and look the part of the job they are aiming for would be hard to turn down.

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