“I absolutely loved it!  I learned more about communication, business and life skills than I ever imagined.  Thank you!”
Cameron J., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, 2014 Top Seller, University of Iowa

“This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life.  It has given me so much confidence to be successful in the real world.”
– Samantha H., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Wisconsin

“This program has helped me better myself by giving me the tools I need in order to have a successful career when I’m done with college. I firmly believe that I made the best of this wonderful opportunity and look forward to continuing my growth as a Student Manager in 2015.”
– Luke S., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, 2015 Student Manager, Grandview University

“This internship really provided me with necessary experience in the professional arena, and I think I’ve become more capable as an individual from it.”
– Paige R., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, Creighton University

“The Dardis Academy internship has given me the tools and skill set I needed to get a notch up on my fellow graduates. Before this internship, I was very introverted, and now I can see how much more willing I am to ‘put myself out there’ in all situations. My professional network has grown to lengths I didn’t realize was possible to do in one summer. This network has given job opportunities, references, conversation starters, and many more chances to improve my career in business. The biggest take-away for me has easily been to never discount a situation or yourself. Just because the situation doesn’t look ideal or have the right feel does not mean it can’t turn into something unexpected. As for believing in your own abilities, I was given this opportunity for a reason and success is there for the taking you just have to reach out for it.”
– Samuel M., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Dubuque

“I learned how to communicate better and with different types of people. I think this has been the biggest arena that I’ve improved upon since the start of the internship. This experience has definitely challenged me to push past adversity.”
– Lexi G., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Nebraska Lincoln

“I have always been pretty outgoing and personal, but it was never structured or focused to a specific goal. I think having a road map definitely helps. I want to continue to improve in each area, and that is part of the reason I want to continue on with Dardis and become a Student Manager. This experience was awesome, I definitely grew personally, and I networked with tons of people that I would have never had a chance to meet otherwise.”
– Collin C., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, 2015 Student Manager, Concordia University

“This experience has been absolutely life changing! It has put me on paths I never expected to be at by this point in my life and the opportunities and doors this has opened for me are unimaginable. As a professional, this internship has expanded my standing in the business world by allowing me to network and build relationships as a professional, not just as a college graduate. My biggest take-away from this experience has been how well it has set me up for my future. Here at the end of the internship I’m looking at 7 companies that have shown interest in me, invited me to apply, allowed me to shadow them, or even interview with them. I never expected so many amazing opportunities to come my way, and ultimately this job has shown me my worth as a worker and a leader. I am always looking for new challenges to test my abilities and this has by far been the most challenging; and also the most rewarding. I am so thankful for the chance to advance my qualifications and truly discover my value. Additionally, this internship has equipped me with such a high sense of confidence and adequacy. I was able to test my skills and abilities on a daily basis and my sense of preparedness for the real world is stronger than ever.”
– Kendall H., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Wisconsin

“This summer I’ve groomed a growing self-confidence and constructed a professional side of myself that I haven’t been able to find the time to quite expand enough, but Dardis gave me that opportunity. My biggest take-away from this internship is to always be prepared not only physically but mentally. Mental preparation will always leave you composed when it’s time to execute your plan! I will continue to work on all the skills that I have been utilizing through this summer.”
– Steven M., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Minnesota

“Throughout my time spent working for Dardis Academy I feel as though I have gained a variety of skills as well as applicable, practical, real-world experience. The internship itself taught me many useful skills that I continue to use and apply on a daily basis, including determination, communication, and self-motivation, among others. The Academy also taught me how to successfully run my own business, a dexterity that will prove valuable for me in my future endeavors. I would recommend Dardis Academy to any student considering, as I feel as though it offers a variety of proficiencies combined with practical experience that will prove to be constructive in whichever profession they choose to pursue. ”
– Bradley K., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Northern Iowa

“After working with Dardis this summer, I have been able to increase my public speaking skills tremendously. This was something I was always hoping I could improve on. I am also extremely confident talking to people I have not met before, and I am able to speak clearly and concisely in interviews. I feel that I am able to sell myself and my ideas. I am taking a professional communications course this fall and I feel extremely confident for it. I never thought that I would get over my fear of public speaking until this internship. I hope to use my new communication skills to take up a leadership position in my fraternity.”
– Jeremy P., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, Drake University

“This internship helped me grow both personally and professionally by allowing me to connect with people and experience new things and new ideas. The experience of staying in a hotel for a week and waking up for a conference was a great real world experience. Rationalizing and recognizing how to use your skills and how to fight with the butterflies and nervous energy is crucial. My biggest take away from this internship is to be confident and fight the good fight because life is never more difficult before something good happens and falls into place.”
Joseph W., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, St. John’s University

“My summer internship experience with Dardis Academy helped me become more professional and prepared for my future after graduating college. I think the 4-day training was the most beneficial part of the 10 weeks! I learned so much about myself and key skills needed to be successful in the future. Presentation skills, professional image, and time management are the three skills that really stood out to me this summer. School does not teach much about these important skills, which is why this internship was so beneficial to myself.”
Mara P., 2014 Dardis Academy Graduate, Winona State University

“No matter what your major is, or where you want to end up in life, this internship will make you better prepared.  The skills that you learn in the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program will prove to be what sets you apart from the rest of the pack in any career or lifestyle.  I can easily say that I learned more applicable skills in the Academy than three years of college.  This was an amazing opportunity, and I am so thankful that I gave this program a try.  I know that I learned skills that I will use for my entire life!“
– Patrick G., 2013 Top Seller, Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Northern Iowa

“When a future employer looks at my resume, this internship will really catch their eye.  I can say that I ran my own business, prospected, networked, sold and that everything was my responsibility.  I really think employers are going to be impressed.“
– Justin B., 2013 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Iowa

“The summer was unbelievable. The experience you gain, not only at the Sales Academy, but also being out in the field as a representative, is so beneficial. Meeting with clients at their office or home, face-to-face, and delivering a product that you’re confident in, is the best experience you can get. Learning the skills in the Academy, then seeing success as a result, is huge! Not only for a confidence booster, but also for paving the way for the rest of my career. This is the real thing. Real life. Real world. Real business experience. If you’re looking to get out in the field and gain hands-on experience and knowledge, this is the opportunity for you.”
– Ben B., 2012 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Iowa

“I learned so much more than just image and how the clothing you wear affects your career. During the academy, we had extensive training on presentation skills and selling techniques. I learned a lot about how I present myself, and this has already helped me outside of the internship when I’m making presentations for class, as well as talking to people in a business setting.”
– Jon S., 2012 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Iowa

“I specifically chose this internship because it seemed like an opportunity that allowed hands-on experience that others did not offer. I could see how competitive the job market is going to be when I graduate, so I knew I had to take the initiative to give myself a competitive advantage over others. I can now say, “I made the appointments, I gave the presentations and I closed the sale.” Not many college graduates will be able to say that when they are interviewing for jobs. My major is communication studies, so I was very interested in the communication aspects we were taught. Those tools are invaluable to me now, and I honestly can say I use them every day. “
– Lindsay P., 2012 Dardis Academy Graduate, University of Iowa

“Being successful is not easy. Success comes from working hard, having a weekly schedule and waking early at the same time every day. Small things like that help a lot in life. I learned different selling skills during the academy – eye contact, how to pause, how to listen – and all practices boosted my confidence. I personally benefitted from this program by it allowing me to make a lot of connections in the city I planned to live in after graduation. It even allowed me to be in touch with personal bankers because I wanted to go into the banking industry. It felt like multiple internships packed into one because of the experience and knowledge I gained. It was a lot of hard work, but at the end, I was very satisfied with what I did.”
– Remy N., 2012 Dardis Academy Graduate, Buena Vista University

“Dardis provides a platform where students can gain real life experience through a summer internship program. Through this program, they gain life-long skills that will ultimately help them get a job after graduation.”
– Casey Bryant, Guidance Counselor & Head Varsity Baseball Coach, Western Dubuque High School

“The Dardis Classroom to Career Program provides students with the practical skills necessary to be successful in life.”
– Greg Dardis, President, Dardis Inc.

Career Partner Testimonials

“We are big advocates of Dardis Academy.  We know what we are getting when we hire a Dardis graduate.  In fact, our most recent Dardis hire is one of our top performers.  The skills learned throughout the training combined with real world experience make for a wonderful program.  The Dardis team is top notch, and students gain invaluable information from their coaching.  Thank you for all you do, and for producing professional college students!”
– Scott Leibfried, Chartered Financial Consultant, Ameriprise Financial

“We partner with Dardis Communications because we wanted to continue with the consistency in the level of training provided to our employees.  (Dardis works with our executives at all levels.)  We hire many interns, and we want to ensure that they have the necessary skills and education to be prepared to work at John Deere.”
– Julie Wucka, HR Learning Services Specialist, John Deere

Parent Testimonials

“When my son, Joe, first mentioned working for Dardis, as a parent, I was a little unsure about it. I’d never heard of the product. When Joe decided to do the program, I was able to see the product, and I was very impressed. I was also impressed with how relaxed and proud Joe was while selling the product. It was great that he had experience to work with individuals from John Deere, Caterpillar, Rockwell Collins and other large companies. He had a chance to prove himself to them, as a college student, when normally they would not have taken him seriously. The Dardis Academy was such a great experience for Joe. It was amazing how he picked up so much knowledge in such a short period of time.”
Mark & Bev Leibfried, Parents of First Year Student Representative

“I was hesitant about my son, Jon, working on commission and having to go out and make contacts. I was more interested in what he would make for income to pay for college expenses, rather than the experience. I was also concerned about him not having to punch a clock, and managing his time, but I found that he was good at motivating himself. I like that he had support, with the conference calls every week to touch base on how things were going. Jon has learned that there are a lot of careers that you have to be self-motivated, you don’t just put in your 8 hours, you have to initiate and plan things. Push yourself to get where you want to go. This experience will help him in whatever career path he decides to follow after college.
I think this is a beneficial program to anyone considering going into business. Students completely run their own business. They make contacts, learn how to manage their time, learn how to present themselves to the world; it is a very invaluable experience.”
Sue Swearingen, Mother of First Year Student Representative

Client Testimonials

“During my time at John Deere, I had the privilege of completing the Dardis Communications public program on presentation skills and image training. Most recently, I’ve worked with Dardis on my personal image and clothing. You can rest assured that all of your purchases will be top-notch quality, will wear well, and will last a long time.”
Kevin Keith, Retired John Deere Executive

“As a busy person, it is highly convenient to have someone come to my office and provide class A clothing from start to finish; socks to pants, shirts to suits. It fits my schedule. The quality is second to none, the service is unbelievable and the products are very reasonably priced.”
Dr. James Mezhir, Surgeon, University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics

“I hate to be a “fanboy,” but these suits are equal or better than HSM. They are stylish with good fabric. The service is better than the suits! I also like the selection of shirts and socks. I’m busy, and I like the one stop for men’s clothing plus the personal help with selection and on-site fitting. Oh, yea…I like the cashmere topcoats, too!”
Jeff Edberg, Lepic-Kroeger Realtors

“I love Dardis! Yes, the product quality is excellent, but I especially like the service. The students offer great suggestions on clothing options and pairings, which is a huge benefit for some of us who are challenged with what looks good together. I’m hooked!”
Chad Furlong, Senior IT Manager, University of Iowa Foundation

“Thanks so much for the incredible coaches gift at the Hawkeye Golf Invitational! I have to say it was the first time I have ever received a gift like that, and it is one of my favorites. I have already worn the shirt to a function and received many compliments. Thanks for supporting college golf and helping us coaches look good!
Casey Lubahn, Head Men’s Golf Coach, Michigan State University

“Thanks for your support of the Hawkeye Golf Invitational. The custom dress shirts are a very nice touch! We cannot thank you enough for your generosity. “
Tyler Stith, Assistant Men’s Golf Coach, The University of Minnesota

“I wanted to write a short note of thanks for all your help and support of the 2013 Hawkeye/Great River Entertainment Invitational. I’m certain you get asked a lot to support various causes and programs, but please know this support made a huge difference with the event and college golf. Thanks again for your support of the tournament and thanks for all you do for college golf!”
Jamie Bermel, Head Men’s Golf Coach, The University of Kansas