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The 5 Keys to Intentional Networking

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“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Networking continues to exist as a buzzword in the corporate world for good reason. The people you interact with both professionally and personally have the power to lead you to new opportunities, serve as references and provide meaningful career advice. In this digital age, LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers supplement traditional networking opportunities such as formal, in-person events.

It can be tempting for business professional, both experienced and in-experienced, to grab hold of every networking opportunity that becomes available, but smart professionals pick and choose which events and channels serve them the most in their specific field of work.

The most effective networking is intentional networking. Here’s how to get started:

Prepare your elevator speech
Some of the most important networking happens on the fly, so prepare a short, 2-minute professional overview that details your past work experience, current position and career goals.

Effectively manage your LinkedIn presence
Do you have a LinkedIn profile? If the answer is no, you’re missing a crucial opportunity to advertise yourself through a global network of more than 259,000,000 registered members. Take five minutes today and easily create your profile by importing your resume and adding a professional photo. If you already have a profile, commit to updating your profile to effectively showcase your experience. Connect with new and old colleagues, and don’t forget to join relevant industry groups.

Find a mentor in your field
A broad network will help you quickly expand your network, but you should also identify a professional that can meet with you in-person on a monthly or quarterly basis. These meetings can be formal or informal, but this set-aside time will give you the opportunity to ask important career questions and develop a strong mentor relationship.

Join the right professional organizations
If you’re a student, invest time in professional organizations both on and off-campus to build a network that will benefit you the most post-graduation. As a current professional, challenge yourself to use your time wisely by socializing at group meetings and industry events.

Engage in person and online
Intentional networking exists on and offline. Both channels work together to bolster your network, so don’t let your hundreds of LinkedIn connections replace valuable in-person networking opportunities.


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Recruitment Manager Spotlight: Amy Jo Troyer

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Dardis Recruitment Manager Amy Jo Troyer has been busy connecting with prospective students in her designated region of Kansas. From career fairs to classroom presentations to hosting campus information sessions, Amy Jo continues to spread the word about the exciting Classroom to Career internship program in anticipation of the May 1, 2014 application deadline.

Her dedication to the Dardis mission shines through her work every day, but Amy Jo says that her efforts are most importantly supported by the real life success stories from past interns. Read on to learn more about her perspective on this great opportunity for students that will ensure they walk across the stage at graduation with purpose.

What is the greatest benefit of the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program?
The dynamic experience! You’ll be part of a team that values you, supports you and celebrates your success. You’ll learn valuable skills that apply to every facet of your life, both personal and professional. You’ll reap the benefits of seeing a task through until the end because you’ve committed to doing so. And, most importantly, you ensure your future success. While others may walk across the stage at graduation with uncertainty, you will do so with great purpose.

What sets the Dardis internship apart from other internship opportunities?
We have far more in store for you than running errands. You will receive corporate level executive training and a roadmap for guaranteed success as an entrepreneur. You simply won’t get that anywhere else.

Why do you think it’s important for students to gain real life career experience while in college?
Plain and simple, it’s what employers want. Be the student that stands out in the crowd with a resume and experience that commands attention. This internship will enhance your education, develop your professional network and create great opportunity. Think of it this way – every week you spend with Dardis brings you closer to the top of the job candidate list your future employer will have!

In one word, what’s Dardis all about?

How can students contact you for more information?
Learn firsthand what high level executives at John Deere, Wells Fargo, Principal Financial Group and many more already know – we are the very best at what we do! For more information, you can contact me at 913-306-1412 or

Experience Is Essential

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A recent poll showed that in 2012, 63 percent of the students in the Class of 2012 completed at least one internship, and 28 percent of students completed two. Internships are no longer an optional piece of the college experience. They represent a crucial component of any student’s resume, and the college students of today are recognizing that experience is essential in today’s job market.

Not all internships are created equal. Employment at a well-known company can jump off the page, but it’s the real world experience that will help you land the job and propel your career. Dardis’ Classroom to Career internship program combines the respect of the Dardis, Inc. umbrella of companies with the tangible pieces that students need in their working lives post-college.

Networking, communications skills and sales training all contribute to a successful career, but the hands-on experience in this unique internship program ensures students stand out among the rest. During the interview process, past Dardis interns can speak about specific customer experiences, selling techniques and high-profile presentations that will convey the sense of passion and motivation that recruiters look for in recent grads. While some interns focus on secretarial work, Dardis interns do the work and gain valuable experience along the way.

In our latest Recruitment Manager spotlight, Josh Martens shares more about this challenging and worthwhile internship experience:

What is the greatest benefit of the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program?
The opportunity to gain professional work experience.

What sets the Dardis internship apart from other internship opportunities?
Not only is there opportunity to gain experience, but it also takes students through executive level training, which will help them excel in their career after graduation, and also in the classroom until they graduate.

Why do you think it’s important for students to gain real life career experience while in college?
It is one of the major things that employers look for, and if a student expects to get a career after graduation, it is essential that they gain this before graduation.

In one word, what’s Dardis all about?

How can students contact you for more information?
Students can call me at 402-650-0087 or email me at

Recruitment Manager Spotlight: Tera Edmunds

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For Iowa Recruitment Manager Tera Edmunds, explaining the benefits of the Classroom to Career internship program to students is simple.

“What better way to spend your summer than getting paid, meeting new people, and making your resume shine?”

Dardis Academy is all of that and more – read on for more valuable information from Tera in our second recruitment manager spotlight:

What is the greatest benefit of the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program?
Not only are our students going to get high-level executive training, but they have the opportunity to apply those skills to a real-life, full-time, paid experience.  They will build their network, practice their communication skills, connect with leaders in their area and more.

What sets the Dardis internship apart from other internship opportunities?
It’s a paid opportunity for students to actually apply invaluable training to real-world experience.  No other internship can compete with our caliber of student training.  It is the competitive edge that students need to stand out from the crowd.

Why do you think it’s important for students to gain real life career experience while in college?
It is going to set students apart from other applicants.  Thousands of people are going to apply for the same position, and employers are looking for high-performing students that use their knowledge from the classroom and apply it to noteworthy experiences.  This is that noteworthy experience.  If you have the Dardis name on your resume, I guarantee that your resume will be put into the interview pile.

What Dardis intern success stories do you share with prospective interns?
One of the top-selling students from last summer already has job offers lined up.  He now has the ability to choose which path he’d like to go on because of his experience with Dardis.  As graduation draws near, some students desperately accept any position offered to them. This internship will open all kinds of doors. You will have the ability to design your future exactly how you want it.

In one word, what’s Dardis all about?

Where can students find you?
Social media platforms, campus visits, information sessions, classroom presentations and more.  I will be all over the place and always communicating so that students know when I will be visiting a campus.

How can students contact you for more information?

Exciting News From Dardis, Inc.

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It has been an exciting season for the staff at Dardis, Inc.  Our 2013 Classroom to Career internship program wrapped up with our top intern bringing in nearly $16,000 in three months.  We are now actively recruiting students for our summer 2014 program and developing the resources and tools needed to keep Dardis growing into the future.

We are pleased to report on two developments that prove Dardis, Inc. is here to stay:

New Dardis, Inc. website is now live

Dardis, Inc. encompasses a family of companies, each with different services and value.  We recently launched a new website describing each of these elements to provide a more comprehensive picture of Dardis.

This website serves as an umbrella to detail each business unit:

  • Dardis Communications:  Our executive training program designed to teach leaders how to speak as well as they think and convey the essence of professionalism they need to succeed
  • Dardis Academy:  Our student training program that combines advanced communication skills training with a paid internship
  • Dardis Apparel:  Our apparel business which is based on exceptional product, great price and convenience

Check out the site today and be sure to share any feedback with us!

New distribution center nears completion

Our new apparel distribution center in Dyersville is nearly complete!  The 25,000 square foot distribution center in Dyersville’s 20 West Industrial Park will ship and store professional apparel for Dardis Apparel, a component of our comprehensive approach to developing clients’ professional image.

Founder Greg Dardis:

“I’m very excited to be building close to where I grew up,” Dardis said.  “I love the area, the people and everything about back home. We looked at a number of possible locations, and Dyersville came out on top.  I was impressed with the Dyersville Economic Development Corporation and their dedication to helping businesses thrive. We’re looking forward to this next phase of our business and the opportunity to be part of this progressive community.”

Dardis Communications has offices in Chicago, Des Moines and Coralville.

Contact Dardis today to learn more. Contact Us