Recruitment Manager Spotlight: Tera Edmunds

For Iowa Recruitment Manager Tera Edmunds, explaining the benefits of the Classroom to Career internship program to students is simple.

“What better way to spend your summer than getting paid, meeting new people, and making your resume shine?”

Dardis Academy is all of that and more – read on for more valuable information from Tera in our second recruitment manager spotlight:

What is the greatest benefit of the Dardis Classroom to Career internship program?
Not only are our students going to get high-level executive training, but they have the opportunity to apply those skills to a real-life, full-time, paid experience.  They will build their network, practice their communication skills, connect with leaders in their area and more.

What sets the Dardis internship apart from other internship opportunities?
It’s a paid opportunity for students to actually apply invaluable training to real-world experience.  No other internship can compete with our caliber of student training.  It is the competitive edge that students need to stand out from the crowd.

Why do you think it’s important for students to gain real life career experience while in college?
It is going to set students apart from other applicants.  Thousands of people are going to apply for the same position, and employers are looking for high-performing students that use their knowledge from the classroom and apply it to noteworthy experiences.  This is that noteworthy experience.  If you have the Dardis name on your resume, I guarantee that your resume will be put into the interview pile.

What Dardis intern success stories do you share with prospective interns?
One of the top-selling students from last summer already has job offers lined up.  He now has the ability to choose which path he’d like to go on because of his experience with Dardis.  As graduation draws near, some students desperately accept any position offered to them. This internship will open all kinds of doors. You will have the ability to design your future exactly how you want it.

In one word, what’s Dardis all about?

Where can students find you?
Social media platforms, campus visits, information sessions, classroom presentations and more.  I will be all over the place and always communicating so that students know when I will be visiting a campus.

How can students contact you for more information?

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