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Clear & Concise Communications

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Have you found yourself listening to someone talk for 10 minutes and been completely lost as to where they are going with the conversation? People who are indirect with their messages tend to hint at things, give mixed messages and avoid getting to the point. Unfortunately, failing to communicate effectively can potentially undermine your ability to build and advance personal and professional relationships.

The next time you engage in a conversation, rely on these tips:

Organize and clarify ideas in your mind. This should be done before you attempt to communicate these ideas. Choose three main points, and keep your communication focused on them.

Be clear. Make it clear what your intended purpose is from the outset. People need to know in advance what you expect from your communication.

Communicate eye-to-eye. Eye contact establishes rapport, helps to convince people that you’re trustworthy, and displays interest.

Be attentive when listening. Listen actively. When you are talking, you are not learning.  Furthermore, you will be able to gauge how much of your message is getting through and whether or not it is being received correctly.

By relying on these points, the other party’s needs are uncovered, but maybe more importantly, you are seen as attentive and actively engaged in listening. As a result, the relationship begins to build because the other party feels understood.

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