Getting the diploma is just the beginning.

Student-athletes possess essential characteristics that make them incredibly desirable to employers: grit, determination and a competitive spirit. But what they may lack are the communications skills, professional image and ability to effectively “sell” themselves and their ideas in the workplace.

Dardis Academy gives student-athletes a competitive edge as they launch their careers. Through our Professional Training & Business Combine, we help student-athletes transition those critical qualities to a professional setting—and readies them for career success.

Our playbook for student-athletes includes:

  • World-class training from seasoned business professionals
  • Realistic business simulations
  • Advice for communicating like a professional
  • Interactive coaching with successful executives
  • Practical skills and tools that go beyond traditional classes
  • Opportunities to build strong resumes and grow professional networks
  • Access to internships and jobs through our exclusive business combine

Athletic departments score big, too.

More than 98% of student-athletes go on to careers other than professional athletics. They must transition their great collegiate experiences into skills that dazzle the boardroom—and you can help make that happen.

Through a partnership with Dardis Academy, your student-athletes will gain access to a proven curriculum and professional development expertise. At the same time, you’ll be making your athletic program more desirable and robust—which can help you recruit new talent and retain a strong roster of athletes.

Your student-athletes have invested themselves in making your sports programs a success. Reward their commitment by providing them with the practical skills they will need to be successful in the real world.