Dardis Corporate ApparelYour Brand At It’s Best

At Dardis, we know you’ve worked hard to establish your brand in a competitive marketplace.  Our clothing is designed to support and enhance your brand.  We’ve developed a comprehensive collection featuring truly fashionable designs that your employees will be proud to wear.  Dardis understands the importance of professional image, and the impact your overall presentation can make on an audience.  After all, our sister company, Dardis Communications, has been coaching executives on their communication skills and professional image for over a decade.  As a partner, we will help you and your employees put your best foot forward every time.

Professional Apparel – When You Need It

We take pride in providing the best fabric at the best price possible.  Our business model and strong supplier relationships allow us to deliver exceptional apparel right when you need it.  Work with our team to design a program that’s right for your company.

Dardis Gives You Options

Dardis offers you two unique ways to craft a program that meets your needs and enhances your brand identity.

  1. Ready-to-wear:  Catalog program
  2. Made to order:  Custom order

Visit our Execuwear website to learn more about our embroidered products and services, and create your own brand store.

Many of our current customers, as well as new clients, are coming to us with a need for better options when it comes to professional corporate wear.  We’re hearing that a lot of companies and organizations have basic T-shirts, hats, and even polo’s, but they really don’t have quality dress shirts, blouses, knits or blazers at the level they desire.  In short, quality fabric, good selections and a competitive price are hard to come by when it comes to corporate wear.  That’s where we come in.  Partnering with Dardis is a smart and unique way to ensure that your people are always delivering a positive and professional first impression.

Top Ten Reasons Companies Partner with Dardis for Corporate Wear

#10 – New business discussions – Stimulate interest about your business.

#9 – Promote New Facilities – Show your company’s growth and success!

#8 – Motivate Employees – Help grow a healthy and positive work environment!

#7 – Change Your Company or Product Name – Don’t lose out on this opportunity to keep everyone informed about changes in your company.

#6 – Develop Tradeshow Branding – Skip the candy and go professional instead!

#5 – Corporate gift – Use your corporate wear as a nice gift/token of appreciation.

#4 – Conversation starter – Corporate wear always sparks a discussion.

#3 – Be remembered – Put your name at the tip of their tongue.

#2 – Consistent Professional Image – Dardis is in the business of professional presentation and image skills.  We know the importance of professional image!  Remember, people form an impression of someone within 7 seconds of meeting.

#1 – Brand Awareness – If your name is forgotten, you’re in big trouble.  Make sure your people are consistently and professionally representing not only their brand, but the brand of the organization as well.  Create a positive and lasting first impression with our professional corporate wear.

Corporate/Logo Wear Pricing

Dress Shirts/Blouses:

  • 25+ units:  15% discount =  $72.25/shirt
  • 50+ units:  20% discount =  $68.00/shirt
  • 250+ units:  25% discount = $63.75/shirt


  • 25+ units:  15% discount =  $42.50/polo
  • 50+ units:  20% discount =  $40.00/polo
  • 250+ units:  25% discount = $37.50/polo

Sweaters & Sweater Vests:

  • 25+ units:  15% discount =  $59.50/sweater
  • 50+ units:  20% discount =  $56.00/sweater
  • 250+ units:  25% discount = $52.50/sweater