The Dardis Academy Program

Dardis Academy offers a Professional Training and Business Combine for graduating students and other entry-level prospects that teaches effective communication, professional image, leadership skills and practical career advice. Participants develop the proficiencies and polish that help them become preferred candidates in their chosen fields.


A Big Win for Student-Athletes

The skills you’ve honed in athletics make you incredibly desirable to employers. The Dardis Professional Training & Business Combine helps you transition that grit and determination to a professional setting—and readies you for career success.

The Next Step After Military Service

Put the drive, discipline and skills you’ve acquired in the military to use in the workplace. Professional training helps you transition to life after the military. Through Dardis Academy, you’ll learn to successfully apply your skill sets in a civilian environment.

A Boon for Corporate Partners

Alumnae, program sponsors and other key stakeholders are looking to connect with tomorrow’s leaders. Dardis Academy offers opportunities to support meaningful career development while accessing top-line talent.