Dardis Key to Success: Business Etiquette

Sales training, communication skills and presentation techniques represent several of the critical career skills interns learn through the Dardis Classroom to Career program. These pieces, combined with real world experience, prepare students for a career post-college, but to kick-off a successful career, students also need to learn proper business etiquette.

Business etiquette is more than dressing the part and knowing what to say or do.  It’s knowing how to present yourself in the best light in any business situation from an informal meeting to a black-tie event. Understanding and using proper business etiquette will provide the framework for meaningful conversations and effective work days, which will pave the way for a respected (and successful!) career.

In the Dardis Academy training program, our interns learn key business etiquette elements, including:

The handshake
What appears to be a simple gesture actually signifies your confidence in the workplace. Avoid applying too much pressure, but still approach a new client or colleague with a strong handshake that shows your professionalism.

Business cards
In this digital world, young professionals may be tempted to disregard the importance of business cards, but you never know when or where your contact information may open the door to a new opportunity. Always carry a few cards on you, and make sure the layout is clean and crisp.

Dining etiquette
Business dinners can be intimidating for any professional, but for up and coming employees, they can prove even more daunting. Our interns learn the science behind dining etiquette before their first big client dinner to ensure they know exactly which fork to use.

The nuts and bolts
On day one of your first job out of college, you’re expected to understand how to use the basic functions of your phone, voicemail and email. Our interns have the opportunity to learn these skills ahead of time, so they can focus on learning the job and not their voicemail.

Proper business etiquette separates the rising stars from the rest, giving our Dardis interns yet another competitive advantage in the workplace.


Photo credit: Unique Hotels Group via Flickr

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